Bitcoin Casino Software Bitcasino

Founded in 2014, as part of the Coingaming platform, Bitcasino is a leading bitcoin casino software. Bitcasino has an expansive, quality casino product featuring more than 2,700 games, including slots, table games, and live dealer casinos from some of the industry’s leading suppliers.

Introduction of Bitcoin Casino Script Software Bitcasino

As a blockchain technology output, Bitcoin has gained massive popularity. Replacing traditional currency, bitcoin is also used for online gambling or games. Bitcoin-based gambling or gaming platforms are growing at a rapid speed. Through bitcoin transactions, the users can enjoy various types of bitcoin casino script or online gambling software and earn a profit.

Bitcasino is one of the newest additions to the bitcoin casino script. Our laravel coding script provides the fairest technology gaming or gambling initiative. However, that’s not the only thing that makes Bitcasino stand ours from other casino software solutions. But before going on with our self estimating – we should tell you about Bitcasino first. Why is our script the fairest gambling platform and what are the extra miles you will get from us?

Bitcasino – A Fair Bitcoin Casino Software

Bitcasino is an online arena solely for gambling bitcoin casino software. The platform mainly deals with bitcoin currency, and even though these arenas are illegal in some parts of the world – Bitcasino offers anonymity aspects. Just like other platforms, Bitcasino has a large impact on the cryptocurrency market. But the problem is that we have less data about the concept, and Bitcasino is trying to create an ethical gray area.

One thing for sure, the intuitive online casino software is always the heart of an online casino. Many popular cryptocurrencies casinos like to develop their own games, and software platforms. However, small casinos rely on rented software and Bitcasino is just the one for them. We offer different games, ad-ons, and even customization support.

Our software offers a fair and probable gambling experience. It is our software that runs the game with minimal human intervention. Well, the players are gambling and the software is acting more like a table roller. Yes, we understand small bitcoin casino has a hard time convincing users about their fairness. Some even make a manly approach by publishing their software algorithms.

That’s why you don’t have to worry about Bitcasino at all. Due to our strong cryptographic Laravel algorithms – the platform can provide a fair result. You can check our strong and secured PHP Laravel script code to understand more about our software.

Since online casinos operate using software, they have no legal authority. Also, such platforms are illegal by the local authorities too. That’s why they keep an anonymous structure and provide gambling facilities. Thus, many people are suspicious that the software may come in tweaks to rob out of their bitcoin. Yes, some think these are just bitcoin mining opportunities for online casinos. This is obviously a huge reason Bitcasino wants to clear up before advertising our features.

Why can Bitcasino bitcoin gambling script ensure fairness and how the software works?

Bitcoin transactions are always digital. Thus, the verification process gets tougher by the second. The same goes for online casinos about their fairness of a bet. Just think like playing an online card game – can you ensure the card is shuffled like human conditions. I mean, yes, there are ways humans can cheat but still, they run on probability. Also, people are betting anonymously, so the business standard is questionable.

Even Bitcasino faced questions before starting out the bitcoin casino script. So, here’s our bitcoin casino script that operates for ensuring the safety and fairness of gambling. When anyone is entering one of our online casinos, the server will release a secret hash. This server secret is encrypted using the HMAC SHA256 algorithm and represents initial reels.

Our server seed is cryptographically secured alpha-numeric strings. And these 2 hash strings are the main factors before anyone places a bet. Also, no bad actor can alter the initial reels or strings. Finally, after someone ends any game, the secret hash will be revealed. So, our users can easily calculate and verify each hash.

Even after we declare all the reliability of placing each bet – the problem is still here. Because, how can you be assured about the success of the bet?  The answer lies in our “client seed.” When the gamer is playing any game on our software, the “client seed” is revealed in the secret string. If the “client seed” is not specified by the software, the spin number or shuffle is decided by the user’s browser. Aside from this hash, the secret sever will again calculate another hash called server seed.

So, the secret server is working with 5 different hashes, and altering just one hash can ruin the game. All 5 chars will calculate them according to a hexadecimal value. Finally, the hash will convert into an integer. Still, even if someone in the server tries to alter the game output, they cannot do it. The reason is, “sever seed” cannot be generated by the server of our software. As we cannot predict the “server seed” we cannot possibly alter any result.

This is how Bitcasino will ensure the fairness of each bet or game. For further details, you can even check out our software features and details.

Bitcasino – bitcoin casino script features

Online gambling platforms are complex, and without understanding them – it’s hard to start a business. Just like we said, the most popular bitcoin casino operates by developing its own software. But a small online casino tries to rent other software to start their casino. Even users these days trust this renting software more than other casinos.

Bitcasino always ensures that both users and the casino owners receive benefits. For this reason, we are going to list down the different admin features, user features, and ad ons on the platform.

Bitcasino games

Of course, Bitcasino is not just about online bets and just a roll game. There are a lot of gambling software on the platform. Unlike most other platforms, you don’t need to purchase separate game ad-ons. Rather, we have you covered with the gaming section on our platform. So, Bitcasino is a complete online casino software solution.

Multiple slot machine games

Bitcasino offers multiple slot gaming support. Slots are the easiest and most addictive games out there. Bitcasino offers multiple slot games with customization and bonus offers.

We offer a variety of online games without any ad-on

Every Bitcoin Casino requires a rich casino library. Bitcasino knows a good set of casino games is what the players are after. The only problem is that other people necessarily don’t find all the games on a single platform. Even if they do, most platforms wants the players to purchase the games as an ad-on.

But we don’t do that on Bitcasino and players can enjoy any games if they want to. No need to purchase the game add-on separately. Our in-built games are reliable and we have ensured the fairness of each game.


Dice games are very popular in land-based casinos. Bitcasino has a fair and intuitive dice game on the platform. Of course, the game is not an ad-ons so you don’t have to purchase it separately.

Dice 3D

When it comes to online gamins, people prefer 3D games. So, we tried to bring Dice 3D with stunning graphics. Check the game stats and plenty of other user bonuses with ease.

Lucky wheel

Lucky Wheel is probably the most popular type of gambling game available. The lucky wheel also features some bonus offers from our platform. Of course, admins also get some customization on the symbol or logo of the wheel. Set, different paylines on the wheels numbers.

American Roulette

The American roulette comes with 38 pockets where there are two 0. Thanks to our 20 different pay lines on number and symbol, American Roulette becomes a stand-alone game on the platform.

European Roulette

Unlike the American Roulette, European roulette depends on sheer prediction. Of course, the structure is the same, but this is an addictive game. Of course, the game design will give you a realistic feeling and easy gambling.


Blackjack or twenty-one is a very popular casino card game. In this game, bet before you even get a hand of cards. Your objective is to beat the dealer and thanks to our fair cryptographic development – BlackJack is another addictive game.

Video Poker

Every ground base casino features a Video poker. So, what kind of online casino are we if there is no video poker? No need to worry, Bitcasino comes with video poker too. The game works just like any traditional video poker game – insert bitcoin and play.

Casino Holdem Poker

Casino Holdem Poker is a modern gambling game. Well, it’s another variation of the poker game. Of course, the setup is always an important matter. Bitcasino also offers the game with Ante Wager.

75 Ball American Bingo

Bingo is another game of probability and here players have to bet on pre-determined patterns. However, we wanted to bring the 75 ball bingo on our platform and Bitcasino was successful with it.


Baccarat was first invented in France as a card gambling game. The game is played between two hands named Banker and the player. Bitcasino also tried to make the game realistic with a proper setup. Not to mention, easy betting and playing the game is another big pros of our site.


Raffle is probably the most exciting gambling game. Here, the players will get a ticket after each turn. Every ticket holds a specific prize. For this reason, people play this game as they don’t have anything to lose.

Heads or Tails

When you want to make a fast and simple bet – Heads or Tails would be the best choice. Even Bitcasino has a heads or tails game on the platform. Just entering the game is easy, and our game management is neat. Press “Start” and the game is on for any gambler. Heads or Tails is a fun and addicting gambling game on our online casino platform.

Our general online gambling software Features

Before bragging about our user and admin support – we need to discuss our general support. Because the general facilities  make the software what we are. Just by looking at the general support, people can understand what they would get in general.

  • 6 stunning built-in color scheme for the website
  • Fair gambling technology
  • Constant bonus and referral programs
  • Lots of customization options
  • Bot and chat support
  • Custom bets and auto mode
  • Different pay lines
  • Player leaderboard
  • Game history list
  • Built-in language (22 language support)
  • Extended details on users and gambling game
  • Google Tag Manager integration
  • Google reCapcha validation
  • Social media login enabled
  • User verification process

Our Admin Facilities

If you are thinking about owning a Bitcoin casino script, first you have to think about renting software features. Without proper admin facilities, no bitcoin casino can shine. Especially when you are a small bitcoin casino and people don’t trust you at first. Bitcasino got you covered and here are the following facilities we cover for the casino owner.

  • Features an advanced dashboard with detailed stats and data
  • Versatile user management
  • View account and account transaction details
  • Manage different applications like the color scheme, layout, default language, carousel, session lifetime, bots, bonus, and many more.
  • Able to set decimal point and separator
  • SMTP settings options
  • Maintenance support
  • Proper user management

Our User Facilities

Just like the admin facilities, we also ensure user facilities. Bitcasino is also great for ensuring proper user facilities. Just confronting fairness in your gambling won’t do any good if the users are not getting any profit. Without the user’s profit, no online casino can boom. Here are the user features from Bitcasino:

  • Users can choose from 20 different pay lines
  • Custom betting options
  • Auto mode while playing games
  • Referral bonus program
  • No need for purchasing different game ad-on
  • Built-in color schemes and customization options
  • Wild symbol and scatters
  • Set payouts for each symbol of games
  • Manage your bonus

Why Choose Bitcasino in the first place?

We have discussed why our Bitcoin casino script is provably fair for a secure bet. However, just stating features won’t do any good if we cannot show them. Yes, we know a lot of these platforms prove to be a scam. But we want the platform to grow and rapidly increase bitcoin transactions. Not to mention, we want smaller bitcoin casinos to flourish under our care.  With the help of our separate user and admin features, Bitcasino is turning out to be a blast for both the user and casino owner. Here are the reasons why we boast such confidence.

The first impression is our foremost consideration while developing the platform. From the beginning, site management, withdrawal system, payment system, and even chat support – Bitcasino is more like a perfect online casino software for sale.

Easy To Handle and Intuitive Bitcoin Casino Script

First of all, our admin dashboard is well organized. For this reason, the admins can handle everything manually without scrolling down too much. Of course, there are safety standards, and all the sections are divided equally.

Just click the right corner of the User account and you can see the admin dashboard. In the dashboard, you can find every section divided according to your ease of use. Also, the intuitive design and flashy color scheme give you a more casino vibe even online. Of course, you will be able to change the color tone if you like. No need to worry about customization at all.

Our cryptographic PHP site construction gives every casino owner an edge over handling intuitive games. Not to mention, our script comes with different important PHP extensions like OpenSSL and PPO. No matter what domain you own, just install the application on it. However, you cannot think about using a WordPress theme or WordPress on the application.

Customization and admin facilities like a real casino

They say for online casinos, the first impression is very important. Even Bitcasino acknowledge the thoughts and want to offer your own personalization. Yes, we know you are trying to earn a benefit or create your casino. But customization is also a very important aspect of the whole online Casino. We have created a first impression from the user account or profile. Every data is organized and you don’t have to read stats for details. Bitcasino has everything featured it out for you.

It’s not just the admin account we are always taking care of. Our users are also enjoying different customization facilities. For example, admins can customize each slot. As a casino owner, you can easily change the image of the slots. This gives you more brand value on our platform. If you don’t want any custom image, just add different symbols. Admins can even choose wide and scatter symbols if they want. Finally, set your payouts for different slots.

Even users can enjoy the luxury of setting up their own site theme. 6 different color scheme helps the users to get used with the site more. Admins can set default bet line and default number reward to make the betting fair.

Mainly, an online casino is not the best-suited place for customization features. However, we want you to feel that you are in a real casino. That’s why we have enabled both user and admin customization options.

Bitcasino is an excellent platform that wants to provide better gaming performance for its users. Our exceptional tools and reliable PHP script helps us to deliver the best and intuitive site possible. Obviously, you are coming here to bet and we are here to make that more realistic.

User Registration Anonymously and Affiliate program

Online casinos are illegal in some parts of the world. So, we have to keep aware of the anonymity of our users. But still, we have to ensure the person is real and not a bad actor. Our registration process is quite simple, and people can even use the social media login process. Anyway, we use VPN services and gather different details on our users.

Login and registration are very easy with Bitcasino. Not to mention, we offer different social media login capability. Because users come from different places and try to play games anonymously. Coming from different social sites offer you affiliate support.

Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, or Google – users can register or login without too much hassle. Finally, the online casino will get affiliate facilities with our Google application support and ReCaptcha. Mainly, 2FA verification by Google Authenticator app lets you get user handling.

Bitcasino promotes responsible gaming

Our bitcoin casino script is always trying to create a legit online casino. Bitcasino tries to maintain safe and secure standards while betting. No bad actors can alter the results of our games, and the users should try to bet safely too. Bitcasino is careful about the user’s profile note and gaming stats. Well, we believe this is a painful thing to do but it’s also very important. Yes, maybe we are giving players some limitations while gambling but its for the good of every online casino.

Bitcasino offers promotional materials

Bitcasino always cares for its new users or players the most. Also, many players are always looking for bitcoin casino bonuses from the platform. However, giving a bonus on just a single term will get boring and less profitable for the casino owner. That’s why we can change the mood a little bit.

Bitcasino offers a referral bonus, login bonus credit, and even deposits on the user. We have also added a free spin bonus and after receiving the free bonus, they can even purchase another spin for some amount of money.

Also, there are more bonuses for winning or losing a game. Bitcasino is making everything much easier and competitive. As we like to care for our users, we also want the casino to work with full potential.

Thanks to our attractive bonus – players tend to stay on the platform more.

Bitcasino straightforward withdrawals

Bitcasino understands that withdrawal is a very sensitive issue among online casino users. Even most online forums are always discussing the matter and telling people to stop playing. However, a lot of well-established casinos are always evaluating the platforms. So is Bitcasino doing the proper withdrawals.

Well, there’s a little problem with this matter and we need to discuss them in brief.

First of all, you need to think about how much bitcoin you are going to withdraw. In the meantime, the overall balance of your user account is also another important factor. Some platforms take a lot of time to withdraw money or deposit them.

Users can easily choose from 20 different pay lines. So, the transactions will be faster and they can choose their pay lines from 1 to 20.

Even set your deposit method with the software.

Finally, the payment gateway is solid for anybody.

User Management, Bots 

For the online casino, user management is always the hardest part. Managing referral vs direct users is easy with Bitcasino. Our stats and clear documentation of each project let you understand the overall structure more. Check how many users you have, what are the recent updates of your casino from the user dashboard.

Also, online casino owners cannot afford to check sign-up details or stat documents. That’s why we have enlisted a graph on our list to portray the users. Get all the sign-up information by dates or months from the graphical charts.

Graphical charts also make it easy for you to foresee the overall users and find them from the chart. Not to mention, owners can calculate their casino popularity or review rate according to these stats.

Admins can even check the referral vs users by role graphs. This graph can give you a good idea about taking up strategies and even users’ actions.

Another great thing is the bot feature. Think about starting out as a new online casino. So, you don’t have any recent customers and no players will want to risk being the first player. Bitcasino took that into consideration and came up with bots. Bots can ensure you have an existing user base. Thanks to the bots, when any users click to your casino, they can see the existing user base.

Well, the admins can easily depict the number of bots they want. Yes, we don’t have any limits for our users picking bots or their numbers. Bots will appear as a regular user and play games like regular users. You can say, each bot will become active on your casino every 5 minutes. After that, they will play games on different parameters and give you real stats.

Hard Chat Support

Our chat support can always gain us well. Of course, the users and admins can also share their problems. Our chat support is always open for users or admins. Just reach the chat dashboard and tell us your problem. Also, our developer teams can stay aware of the problems of our platform. Yes, you can get your own casino straight and run.

The chat support can also deliver some user issues within less time. Not to mention, the chat support acts as our platform review panel.

Final Verdict

Finally, Bitcasino is a great online casino platform. From the very beginning, we are trying to provide the most secure, powerful, and real casino platform. No need to worry about frauds, or establishing your online casino. Starting from a secure and fair online script to extensive chat support – Bitcasino gambling software is always there for its users.