Bitcoin Donation Platform

Bitcoin has created a lot of buzz over the years, and people are starting to like it. The reason is quite simple as a bitcoin transaction can save a hefty amount of money. Bitcoin donation platforms have become massively popular for this reason. Even if you want to donate money to a charity, they will always cut a handsome deal of money as tax.

Reducing tax invasion is important, and that’s why bitcoin donation platforms are getting popular. Bitdonation wallet is a powerful and versatile cryptocurrency donation platform currently available. Whether you are a charity collecting money or anyone who wants to donate – let Bitdonation do the work for you.

Anyway, there are a lot of bitcoin donation platforms out there, and what makes us stand apart from others? Bitdonation offers every bit of security before and after using the donation wallet. But before that, we need to give you full details about our donation platform. Finally, it’s up to you to decide whether you would choose us or not.


Bitdonation – A Reliable cryptocurrency donation platform

There are three types of crypto donation methods available. And the first one is using a payment processor. Most of the time people use BitPay or CoinBase to donate. Secondly, you can create your own wallet if you want. If you are not happy with centralized platforms then opening an online or physical wallet should be the best option.

But most of the time people like to choose the hybrid method. Especially, charities that hold cryptocurrency needs to choose a centralized wallet. Because, when someone creates a personal wallet or any wallet – they need to think about the IT department too.

Bitdonation is such a centralized platform offering the safety of an IT department section. We are a secure wallet that comes with easy donations and managing support. As a centralized donation platform, Bitdonation is starting to build a reputation.

First of all, Bitdonation is a simple donating platform and offers tons of features for the charity. Even users can perform easy donations and do it safely. Different managing options and admin options give the charities vast opportunities to raise funds effectively.


Admin feature from Bitdonation

When you are a charity holder, centralized donating platforms are the best options for you. We know the many benefits of donating cryptocurrency as it can save a hefty amount of money. But to collect donation currency all across the globe, centralized crypto donation platforms are safe and effective. Bitdonation is careful about the thought and tries to come up with the necessary features to make donating easier and collecting great donations. Here are the rich features we offer you:

  •         Simple but appealing dashboard with admin-rich features
  •         The Admin dashboard can reset or change user passwords anytime they want.
  •         Admin has full control over blocking any user.
  •         Admin can provide credit user wallets
  •         Multiple admin support for easy maintenance
  •         In-built support and ticket system
  •         Admin may try to use approval submission and testimonial
  •         Admins can settle issues with any user
  •         Automatic and manual switching option


User Feature from Bitdonation

Charities have to rely on donations from other users. So, when they are collecting bitcoins as a donation, the admins need to ensure some good facilities. As your IT department for the donation platform we offer the following features:

  •         Easy to register and login
  •         In-built support system
  •         Solve any dispute among clients and solve problems.
  •         Users can check the notice board if they want
  •         Separate wallet system
  •         A transaction between users is possible



Why is Bitdonation such a great crypto donation platform?

So, we have talked about the features of Bitdonation in the earlier part. But why should you choose us in the first place? There are plenty of other hybrid donation platforms across the web right now. However, donating cryptocurrency is probably the best option available to lose money on tax. But without a secure platform, you cannot expect donation or bitcoin. So, check out our support to understand why we are the best possible solution for you.

As you can see, the script is simple and responsive. The Dashboard is easy to understand and offers simplicity. We came up with two different modes and one of them is the god mode. God mode helps you to keep check of everything around the donation platform.


Better Admin Features

Bitdonation is also great for securing admin features. Bitcoin donation platforms need proper admin support. You can add multiple admins to keep track of the donation and user activity log. Otherwise, if there’s any problem, you will face trouble.


You can even create new packs and set different amounts if you want. This is what we do best. Admins can easily solve any dispute among users and monitor them. Not to mention, admins get the privilege to accept testimonials and other things. Bitdonation is always concerned about the major safety of your donation and accepting them.

Manage Bitcoin Donators

Managing your regular donators can be tough. Because, you are setting different packages, and also ensuring the users are donating regularly. However, while collecting donations, sometimes the user may lose their account or some user may create disputes. If they do so, admins can easily block them or unblock them. Admins can even change their password and claim their accounts back. This is obviously a safe procedure for the whole centralized system.

Bitdonation in-built support

Bitdonation is not just about creating a centralized donation platform. We are always concerned about our script and try to improve the code a lot. Our support team is always there to solve any problem anytime you want. Yes, the in-built support system will always help you solve any dispute. Mainly, our Mail channel is the best support panel we have to offer.


Final Verdict

Only a few charities accept bitcoin, and that’s a great way to increase brand value. Understanding employees, partners or stakeholders becomes easier within the donating platform. Bitdonation is a great bitcoin donation platform that offers a simple yet effective dashboard. Especially managing users and other notices is easy peasy with the platform. We are trying to include more and more people into our donation facility to improve the standards of bitcoin donation.