Cryptocurrency Trading and Exchanging Software are often very confusing for beginners. Even though the digital currency is a simple concept but from different aspects – digital currency is a complex thing to understand. So, without intuitive support, in the beginning – it will be hard to realize the platform at all.

Even experts want to enjoy a seamless exchanging experience. Yes, we are talking about a different exchanging company or even digital currency selling companies. The more they can add people to the exchanging company, the more benefit they can enjoy.

However, professional traders are always trying to work on different platforms. So, exchanging companies have to make sure they try to include even beginners. This way they can make more digital currency users. Without a simple, intuitive digital currency, converting beginners can get hard.

No need to worry as Cryptovest can handle all the intuitive features for your exchange and cryptocurrency selling company. Cryptovest is a powerful exchange platform that treats professional and beginners alike. A detailed review of our services may pique your interest over Cryptovest so stay tuned with our review.


Best Cryptocurrency Trading and Exchanging Software – Cryptovest

Just as the name suggests, we believe digital investment can bring success. But cryptocurrency exchange or trading platforms are mainly for different digital currency companies or business entities. They can sell, buy, or even exchange the digital currency if they want. Professional digital currency traders rely on a software or separate wallet to keep track of different markets.

But what about any beginner who doesn’t understand to use any wallet or Cryptocurrency trading and exchanging software? What can they do about their digital trading anyway? Of course, this is a hard question to answer, but we can still make you understand.

Beginners tend to look for a reliable platform for buying, selling, or exchanging crypto coins. Obviously, there are a lot of exchanges or selling companies out there. Even professionals can stay on the platform to complete their trading. This is obviously a great way to unite professionals and beginners. Because exchanging platforms are not just for the benefit of the users but for the company too.

First, the company can expand its business further into the digital world. Not to mention, users can also keep their personal trade in-check. Cryptovest is also another intuitive cryptocurrency exchanging and trading software platform.

Earning the trust of our clients has always been Cryptovests’ goal from the start. We provide the best security, and the transaction and assets are secured in a separate cold wallet. Thus, no bad actors can reach our safety standards and steal them.

But that’s not the only thing Cryptovest is good at. Cryptovest believes in investing, and asset can always bring you more profit. If you are running your exchange or trading company, we can assure digital asset safety. Also, our admin and user experience can always improve your company standards and our safe marketplace. However, checking out our different user and admin features will give a larger foresight over Cryptovest.


Admin Facilities from Cryptovest

Just like we said, Cryptovest is an online Cryptocurrency trading and exchanging software/platform. We treat beginners and professionals alike. At least our features can provide enough backup for any beginner. However, most of our clients are exchange and trading companies. So, we always try to provide the best support to ensure the admin features are rich. Cryptovest offers the following admin features to boom any digital currency exchange and trading company:

  • PHP template is built for market analysis
  • News posting support to engage with new users
  • Can add a lot of exchange or selling package offers
  • Admins can get different payment settings
  • Features multiple admins and separate admin list
  • Multi Level Marketing (MLM) support
  • Supports Google image and ads
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly ROI
  • Intuitive and responsive website
  • Different payment gateway and payment settings
  • Buy-sell and user notification support
  • User list and managing dashboard
  • Admin feature-rich dashboard
  • Coin Based affiliate programs
  • Email notification support
  • User verification
  • Application settings


User Facilities from Cryptovest- Best Cryptocurrency Trading and Exchanging Software

Admin features are for the company to shine. However, digital assets are important for investors. Cryptovest has all the features to make the marketplace and packed with users. Because we are not just an admin-centric platform and like to provide the users with a separate place. So, Cryptovest can provide the following support for any user:

  • User can buy, sell, or exchange digital currency
  • User can choose their wallets and package offers
  • Can get different market news and posts to understand markets
  • Intuitive and easy to understand dashboard helps beginners to understand the business
  • Referral bonus programs
  • Live crypto market and stability of exchange
  • Local flat currency support and cryptocurrency converter
  • In-built calculator to calculate while exchange, buy or sell
  • Secure lending options
  • Notifications for real-time offers
  • Different payment gateway

Cryptovest is mainly a digital asset investment platform for both beginners and professionals. Just from the features, most companies won’t be able to understand our program easily. Now, you are looking to hold your company for ensuring the exchanging or trading business becomes easier. Finally, it’s up to us for ensuring the features for making this a worthwhile business for you. That’s why we need to assure you that our platform can benefit you in the digital world. Let’s check out the benefits you will get from us.


Your simple access to crypto

The first thing about Cryptovest is the simple access to crypto. Because the digital world is filled with beginners and professionals. Of course, Cryptocurrency trading and exchanging softwares/platforms are filled with beginners to try out their luck and understand the simple concept of crypto.  Our simple yet effective dashboard can gain you access to different currencies with ease.

We have a strong and responsive HTML and PHP structure on our script. So, the platform is fast and intuitive. Not to mention, the platform is also compatible with a different mobile browser.

From the homepage, admins can easily understand what they are dealing with. Means, before going on with their busy marketing strategies and user handling – the homepage can give a brief but informative solution of the exchange or lending business. Get all your calculations from the platforms in-built calculator, and manage your clients and ROI. Furthermore, get a good idea about the commissions and business proceedings.

Set Your Company the way you want

Doing business in the crypto world needs personalization of a company. Otherwise, the company cannot build trust among its users. Cryptovest lets you enjoy the luxury of setting up the company name and Logo.

There’s more as you can even provide more information about your business. As we said, Cryptovest enables Google pictures and ads for different affiliate programs. So, you can add information about your website, company, or any other place. This gives you the pure luxury of setting up the business outside the platform and gaining customers. Though, you would not want to leave the platform considering our support.

The committed settings dashboard helps you to enjoy different settings on your own. For instance, you can set your company commission and Fees settings. As the crypto exchange or trading platform is always running, the company needs to come up with different strategies to sell, exchange, or lend tokens.

Just going to the Commissional setup, you can easily set your package value. Not to mention, it allows you to raise your business.

Setting business fees are equally important. When someone is investing in the company and you are doing the trading for their sake – setting your business fees for different packages can help the business. Cryptovest makes it easy for the admins to reshape the business and set a tone.

Powerful and versatile exchange system

While investing your hard-earned cash, the digital asset management should be intact. Otherwise, investing would go wrong. Cryptocurrency is a completely simple concept if you think about it closely. However, so many crypto tokens and their price range makes the whole platform much more complex. Cryptovest offers a powerful exchanging platform with all the management programs.

There are hundreds of crypto coins available in the digital world. As an exchange and trading company, you cannot expect to check every coin’s balance. Rather, check the stats and list of the coin. Cryptovest can help you with the process and help you check the wallet exchange list with ease. Take actions according to the steps you take. Not to mention, you can even add or remove exchange wallet options, and have full control over your investment stats.

However, when you want to expand your business out of the international arena and try to reach in the locality – set the local currency. Crypto investing or exchanging companies do like to include people in their business. But doing that can be difficult, and setting up different local currencies can ease the matter. Cryptovest enables you to set any local currency manually and update them accordingly. The local currency is where you can deal with your profit.

Varieties in your business package

Online exchanging platforms are a great chance for digital asset investing companies to shine. They can come up with different marketing strategies, valid packages, exchange rates, lending offers, and many other things. Even Cryptovest can offer variety in the business packages, and help you do it easily. Of course, anybody can easily maintain the package list, and users can check out the package on their home menu.

Adding any package won’t be a problem at all. Set all the necessary information manually, and the users will get notified about the packages and programs.

After setting up your package, the users can view the packages on the home menu of their user account. No matter what customization you do, the users can always check the manual updates of packages, wallet lists.

Also, you can view your different packing lists. There are no limits set for the packages you can set for the business. Because, as there are a lot of cryptos coins out there. And setting up different packages might improve your marketing strategy a lot.

Safe and secured payment gateway and management

Cryptovest is also great for ensuring safe payments and structures. When you are investing your digital asset or trying to purchase them, you better try to avoid bad actors. So, Cryptovest has the best security in terms of payments. Our cold wallet can always keep your money out of reach of any bad actors. There are different payment gateways for any user, and anyone can even receive mobile payments. So, Cryptovest offers a versatile payment structure for everybody. Whether its bitcoin, payeer, or just mobile money payment – Cryptovest can handle all the fuss without any problem. Just the required information, and details about the payment to make an easy manual payment.

Managing payments and viewing the information on the payment is important too. Even if the admin is not online, he can still manage the payment easily thanks to the separate pending payment list. Check out the details and payment methods, and pay the users when you are active. Managing the payment is another big profitable feature of Cryptovest.

Cryptovest even lets you manage the withdrawal list and calculate them. What’s the benefit of this feature anyway? Well, this feature lets you fix any dispute between the users or any payment issue. Keeping all the information in one place can benefit you to fix payment problems. If you pay your clients within a fixed timeline – this feature enables you to make payments with ease.

Also, Cryptovest lets the admins add credit for their users. This is obviously a great thing as you do want to pay attention to some additional users.

Prolific Admin Panel and user panel Facility

The admin dashboard and panel are quite simple as you can see. Cryptovest offers you the luxury of creating multiple admins if you want. This gives your company more time to monetize the market and other aspects of the business.

You can even add any user by verifying yourself. Of course, there are plenty of other ways for you to approve any member. The user login and registration page are relatively easier. From the login page, they can be verified using their Gmail account or social media sites. Also, the admins can add any user manually if they want to.

Even check out the customer testimonial, customer levels, transaction details and many more. This gives the admins a more suitable option for managing their users. Of course, admins will have the deposit options, and users will receive the facility. But every bit of information is there for both the user and admin.

Site Customization and personalization option

Cryptovest likes to keep everything simple and fast. Rather than doing something stunning or colorful designs, we let our admins personalize their own company. As if the platform was solely for them, and our PHP script allows the user interface. Well, the admins would have to work hard for personalizing the site.


CMS or Content managing service

Another thing Cryptovest can be proud of is the CMS or content management. Our listing style content management is easy, fast, and responsive. Of course, you will have to do some hard work manually, and the end result will help you. Furthermore, the CMS dashboard is easy to pick up by anyone. They can decide to choose the list they want to select.

Whether it’s about managing your content, spreading informative news, answering FAQ – everything can be easily handled by our CMS dashboard.  Cryptovest comes with multiple linguistics support and you can set English, French, or Spanish by default. However, most would want to keep just the English and keep the other language blank. Post any content you want into any specific format you want.

Moreover, our in-built content managing and editing support gives you the ability to customize content. Not to mention, you will feel like working on google docs or MS word. Update the contact information and the specific thing you need for introducing your company. As Cryptovest supports Google ads and applications – you can even use Grammarly and other Google applications for making your content marketing better.

Manage your clients with the client list. Not to mention keep them in-check for avoiding any problems with the business.

Sometimes you may need to make advertisements and the separate advertisement options lets you make them. This is a beneficial feature as you won’t have to mix advertisements with news or posts.


Make a different category list and also helps the admins to create versatility in their business.


Post your news or any FAQ if you want. Posting news may require you to write on the platform. However, if you want to add FAQ or content, just including the files will also help you. But the intuitive content management is another great support from Cryptovest.

Affiliate Marketing Opportunity

Cryptovest wants your business to bloom and we also offer different affiliate programs. For instance, our platform supports Google’s application and ads. This means Cryptovest is great for different affiliate programs online. You can add your Google app ID and the secret key for adding app support. So, this helps the user to gain significant marketing strategies on the go. Because the users can easily connect with the platform via Google.

After connecting the social app, the admins can easily change the links when necessary.


Aside from adding admins, you can introduce people to team members. Basically, this is also another way of connecting with users. Rather than relying on the admin account, the team member option lets the user directly onto your separate account. So, they will know the humans working behind the business.

Even adding different social media links are possible. Just as we said, Cryptovest wants the business to spread all over the region no matter what. Affiliate programs help the business to expand further and gain users or clients.

Final Verdict

Cryptovest is a simple and intuitive Cryptocurrency Trading and Exchanging Software. Digital asset investors look responsive and easy to use as a platform for their trades, lendings. We offer premium quality admin features and additional business possibilities. Cryptovest is still undergoing developments, and we are trying to stand out in the market.