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Erc20 Master-ICO Software

Doing business as an ICO company is tough without an ICO management software. Mostly because people face difficulties with trust issues, and that’s a huge minus point. However, as a Blockchain company holder or any ICO project holder – finding a good ICO management is important. Mainly, what you require is proper ICO management software to raise funds. The erc20 token wallet is a great ICO selling software for most blockchain companies.

Yes, there are other ways to earn trust from the clients, and why bother purchasing software in the first place? Finding out the main benefits are important, and today we are going to understand that by reviewing this software.

About the Erc20 Master- ICO Management Software

ICO or Blockchain-related projects require the company to sell its tokens. Because the company is going to launch a new sort of digital currency or other things. And to make that successful, they need cash in running cryptocurrency or cash. So, they decide to sell a portion of the share before even introducing the product.

However, gaining trust and ensuring your project’s success rate is a must. Yes, there is a thing called whitepaper, and what about selling the tokens? Just like any other crypto management software, ICO software is equally important.

Erc20 Master software is a great ICO or STO token management software with unique admin facilities. Thanks to its ICO token script management any contributors can purchase or invest in your project. Yes, there are a lot of features that make this one unique and relatively trustworthy. We are going to talk about the benefits later on in this content.

From Er20Master, you will get the ICO management script and a document to understand the script. No need to worry about the complexity and read the document first. Alongside the manual file, you will also get the documentation file.

Admin Facilities on our ICO management software

Before even thinking about purchasing any ICO selling software – first, consider the features. Mainly, the script should be safe, and easy to handle. Anyway, Erc20 Master offers the following features for your ICO projects that might intrigue you. Here are the features Er20 Master offers you for STO ICO software management or ICO management.


  •         A clean and modern interface makes it easy to handle the project.
  •         Different preset for the Admin area.
  •         Fas token selling options
  •         User verification facilities such as KYC and AML system
  •         Multiple Login/register page for handling different shares
  •         Easily control KYC and can set KYC according to your preference
  •         Offline crypto and Bank payment gateway
  •         Can set PayPal as online payment gateway
  •         Supports 6 different main currency support
  •         A lot of additional currency support
  •         Set API to access data
  •         Separate KYC from user wallet
  •         Comes in 12 different ICO management options
  •         Add token manually
  •         A lot of manual support for reviewing transaction, approval
  •         Admin boasts stage overview facility
  •         Website type page settings
  •         Google reCaptcha supported
  •         Regular updates ensure fixing bugs

Facilities the users will receive from Erc20 Master

When you ask us how to sell your token – we say, first provide customers with perfect facilities. So, before you purchase an STO management software, ensure what the customers or investors will get to. Just finding Admin facilities may not be much useful. So, here are the user facilities you can offer using the ERC20 Master Wallet.


  •         Responsive and versatile website type template
  •         Modern looking UI and user facility
  •         2FA verification for every user of your token
  •         Offline and online Gateway from popular methods
  •         Additional flat currency support from different regions
  •         MY Token Page for users to view every information on the page
  •         5 different color scheme and personalization features for the user page
  •         Referral Bonus Program
  •         Single or multiple wallet support with one username
  •         Transaction list and detail option
  •         Multilingual user support
  •         The software supports both modern and cross browsers



Why Eec20 Master is a blast for any ICO business holder?

We have talked about the features that are sure to give you a glimpse of the facilities. However, how can the Erc20 Master help you make a profit? As an STO or ICO business holder – make sure you understand the benefits you will get from the software. Managing means creating opportunities without leaking out any faults or messed up a fundraising campaign.

Dynamic and responsive investor support

Depending on the admin facilities, admin can easily adjust user support. But you may have good support but the site is not a user-friendly one. Thus, just features are useless without proper STO management software. Erc20 Master is a fully responsive and dynamic website with a lot of features. Mainly, versatility is a place where Erc20 Master offers great support. It’s compatible with most modern and cross-browsers, and this is a great opportunity for raising funds from different areas.


Customization options and Feature-rich admin dashboard

Both admins and investors can gain great support in customization with their wallets. Different color schemes and other user-friendly features make this software a great one for blockchain projects. Also, when you have a dynamic and beautiful wallet, people will tend to invest more in your project. Not to mention, you will get different font styles to create a good and customized platform.


Erc20 Master wallet is one of the best and responsive ICO management software available. Basically, this software is fast but still offers an admin-rich dashboard. Thanks to that, admins can create different events without thinking about management issues.

Even the clients can customize their own wallet anytime they want. Mainly, fundraising isn’t just about collecting money and selling your token. Rather, you are trying to gain a specific amount to start your project. Yes, Blockchain implementation can create safe fundraising transactions, but there are a lot of problems regarding that.

For instance, ICO projects tend to collect funds from different regions of the planet. So, without managing the users and a feature-rich admin dashboard – managing will be hard. Yes, you are getting the money, but a proper listing of the clients is important, and different dashboard features let you do that.

Ensures Safety and Client Management

Another great benefit of this software is safety features. Mainly, Erc20 Master ensures the safety of both the investor and project holders. The admins can easily variety their investors as well as keep track of the transactions.

The best thing about Erc20 Master is managing the payment with ease. Yes, there are three types of payment gateway offered by the software. And thanks to that, collecting funds from all-around the world gets relatively quick and safe.

ICO projects are created by blockchain technology and this is relatively a safe way to invest. But as you have to think about raising funds from fiat currency, cryptocurrency, or other additional currencies – Arc20 Master can easily manage all the data.

Mainly, you are getting three different types of the payment system. So, selling tokens or purchasing token share gets easy. Because the admin can provide details and users can easily access the data. The wallet is easy to understand and the features are simplistic enough to give proper details.

Even admins can use the advanced search to locate specific users and fix their problems manually. However, there is more to it than just these. They even let you use a demo admin account to understand their features and management.

2 Different Payment Gateway


Most of the time, ICO projects suffer from raising funds from different areas. Also, documenting all the details according to the region is hard work. But with a feature-rich admin dashboard, the project holder doesn’t have to manage everything manually anymore.

Well, you can also manage all the payments or transactions manually. Anyway, the project holder can also enable automatic transactions option. But that’s not the problem here as different payment methods can always help you raise funds all-across. A built-in calculator helps you to make any sort of calculation. Even the exchange rate listing is there, and you don’t have to worry about exchanging currency.

Erc20 Master offers 2 different payment gateway to ensure you can raise funds and tokens on a wide area. Here are the two different payment gateway of the Erc20 Master wallet.

Automated Payment

In this method, the project holder can sell a token for Bitcoin, or any other digital currency. Not to mention, the software supports six different cryptocurrencies,  US Dollar [USD], Pound [GBP], Euro [EUR], Bitcoin [BTC], Ethereum [ETH], Litecoin [LTC] and this is the most effective way to raise funds.

Manual Gateway

Manual gateway lets the clients purchase tokens in a manual payment system. As the software supports different flat currencies from different regions, any investor can try to purchase tokens. Well, if the admin approves the token application, they can collect tokens. This is a better option for raising funds, and after approving the application – the user will receive a transaction receipt.

Manual Gateway

Manual gateway lets the clients purchase tokens in a manual payment system. As the software supports different flat currencies from different regions, any investor can try to purchase tokens. Well, if the admin approves the token application, they can collect tokens. This is a better option for raising funds, and after approving the application – the user will receive a transaction receipt.

Additional Fiat Currency

Canadian Dollar [CAD], Australian Dollar [AUD], Russian Ruble [RUB], Turkish Lira [TRY] , Indian Rupee [INR], Nigerian Naira [NGN], Brazilian Real [BRL], New Zealand Dollar [NZD], Polish Złoty [PLN], Japanese Yen [JPY], Malaysian Ringgit [MYR], Indonesian Rupiah [IDR], Mexican Peso [MXN], Philippine Peso [PHP], Swiss franc [CHF], Thai Baht [THB], Singapore dollar [SGD], Czech koruna [CZK], Norwegian krone [NOK], South African rand [ZAR], Swedish krona [SEK], Kenyan shilling [KES], Namibian dollar [NAD], Danish krone [DKK], Hong Kong dollar [HKD]

Easy to monitor and gain marketing strategy

There are many options such as a registration bonus or any other additional features for ensuring you get a good marketing strategy. Also, monitoring or manually managing data is always possible with the software.

Of course, any admin can enable user verification and even know about their identity. After anyone has created an account on your website, the admins can first verify them from the client’s Gmail account.


Not to mention, the in-built tracking mechanism helps both admin and clients track transaction details. Admins can even track the activity Log if there’s any problem with the transactions. Overall, thinks become simple, and the fund-raising faces no problem.

Finally, the admin stats and reports are right on the first page of your website. So, clients can easily understand the activity of a running project.

KYC and AML helps you to build trust

Thanks to the Erc20 Master Wallet KYC and AML support, you can avoid fraud alarm. Well, blockchain projects are safe for transactions but you still can take extra safety measurement before doing business with some stranger. Of course, this is an optional feature but effective for many projects.

Final Verdict

Erc20 Master Wallet is a software solely for ICO or STO management projects. Their professional team is always at the customer’s service. Not to mention, it packs a lot of support and customization option. Thanks to that, Erc20 Master is a profitable investment for your ICO projects.