Introduction Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

Cryptocurrency exchange platforms are getting popular. But making a profit here is quite a competitive thing, of course. However, professionals have their own way of doing things. That’s why they look for a good piece of a crypto-exchange software platform. Hopefully, Localbit is one of the few cryptocurrency exchange platform software.

Localbit is a multi-featured P2P self-hosted platform. Being a self-hosted platform, this is actually a great advantage for the users. Whether anyone is looking for doing business by starting an exchange company, Localbit is the best way to do so.

However, why is Localbit a good exchange platform software for the users? Is it only for the P2P self-hosted exchange platform? We will let you find out here on this content that why we are different from others.


What is Localbit P2P Self Hosted Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform? 

Just as I said, Localbit is a self-hosted crypto bot for professionals. Even any beginner can start out with Localbit with ease. However, beginners tend to understand the market much more than professionals. Being a self-hosted script, it’s relatively easy to install. What’s great about self-hosted bots is the installation, of course. It takes the users a minimum resource to install the script.

In order to complete business in the digital world, it’s important to use all the resources. However, when anyone has fewer resources, it’s important to make good use of that. That’s why LOcalbit is a unique thing to have for professionals. Not to mention, the exchange script comes with peer to peer trading options.

Aside from that, Localbit offers an intuitive and responsive user experience. It’s not often you find an exchange platform that is simple but featureful. Yes, it’s really hard to find that right now. Almost every cryptocurrency exchange platform is trying to include a lot of features. Not to mention, they always try out with flashy features. However, LOcalbit is not concerned with flashy things. Rather, we seek a secure and user-friendly trading experience for our clients.

Localbit has two different licensing for the trading business out there. We have a regular license and an extended license. The regular license has regular updates and a lifetime license. However, the regular license offers fewer features for the company. We do offer referrals and earn a commission. However, the regular license is limited to 100 users only. On the other hand, our extended license has no limitations whatsoever.

From the Home menu, nobody would believe we offer a lot of features. Localbit wants to keep everything simple and that’s good. We don’t want the clients to get hyped with complex features and complex dashboards. Rather, Localbit gives a lot of customization and personalization options for its users.

Localbit has separate options for both its users and its admin panel. Here are the admin and user features from Localbit:


LocalBit Admin Features

Localbit is a good script for any self-hosted crypto trading company to shine. There are plenty of reasons why Localbit is such a good software script for any trading company. Here, we have some of the admins features sorted out for you:

  • Responsive, dynamic, and fast script
  • Self-hosted trading script
  • Peer to peer trading ability
  • Geo-location enabled
  • Easy customization options
  • Detailed and impactful control panel
  • Better user management
  • Multi-coin support
  • Multiple Language support
  • Admin management support
  • Trade charts and trading documentation
  • Custom Email and SMS notifications
  • Proper verification procedure
  • 2 Factor verification enabled
  • No API support for better security
  • Lifetime regular license


Localbit User Features

Localbit comes with two different licenses for the users. Depending on the license, the admins can decide how many users they can have on their business. But what are the main features they can offer to their users? Here are the user features from Localbit:

  • Fast, intuitive, and simple user menu
  • Easy to register
  • Easy marketplace menu for buying and selling
  • Offer filtering facility
  • Users can create offers
  • Easy to trade with peer to peer contacts
  • Contact management
  • Referral system


Why Choose Localbit Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform anyway?

A lot of trading software is indeed coming packed with features. So, why should you think about getting Localbit anyway? Localbit does have some unique quirk for its own. Just as we said, Localbit tries to keep everything simple and organized. Not to mention, we like our clients to be satisfied with our support and platform security. But just telling you that won’t make much of a deal. Rather, we can just show you why we are claiming to be the best.


Self-hosted trading software

Localbit is completely self-hosted trading software. Most other trading scripts and software have decent codes and everything there’s no doubt about it. However, most of the time, the installation process needs resources. Even without minimum resources, anyone can install the script with ease.

Even without servers, proper hardware, coding, or technological knowledge – installing the script is easy. Being a self-hosted script, it’s very easy to install and that’s a plus point. Depending on the license you get, you will get the benefits.

Installing the software requires just a minimum requirement and fewer resources. From the following list, you can see that this script is easy to install. Not to mention, a server with root access is the best thing for installing the script. You can find all the details on our documentation.


Easy to use user area and control panel

The First thing about Localbit is the easy to use user area. The site is very responsive and simple. However, Localbit has two separate control boards. At first, the whole thing may look confusing. One is the control panel for setting up and the other one is for making customization. The user area dashboard menu is pretty simple, of course. Everything is well organized in the user area.

After the user area menu, we have another section for the control panel. The control panel menu is for making site customization, setting up charts, and ensuring everything is under control.

These two different menu section gives the admins a good and better view of the whole business. Trading business is tough. But we want the users to get the best controls and management from the menu. Everything is fast, connected, and easy to manage.


Simple, organized, and fast

While working with trading scripts, it’s important to understand how fast the script is. Hopefully, Localbit is fast and responsive. Because of the simplicity of the user area – trading is easy. Mostly professionals can trade easily without annoying flashy stuff. Not to mention, admins can get widget support from Localbit.

Peer 2 Peer Trading module

Localbit offers real-time chat support. This means buyers and sellers can easily contact each other. Most of the time, trading companies are not connected with each other. That’s why, when anyone is making an offer, there is no other way for negotiation. Well, that’s true for a competitive marketplace at least.

Buyers and sellers will set their own prices. No more admins setting up the offer. Localbit wants to make the marketplace versatile and competitive. Peer 2 peer trading makes this versatility possible. After each trade, the admins or moderators will receive a fair amount of commissions.

However, thanks to Localbit peer 2 peer chat support, trading will become convenient. This way, we have reduced the dispute by a margin. Any seller will offer a price, and the buyer can communicate with the seller. If there are any disputes between the two, moderators can solve the problems. Admins have a separate section for disputed trades on the platform. That makes it easy for them to solve the problem.

Not just that, users can connect with any contact and wish to block them. Even admins have the option to connect with users thanks to chat support.


Geo-location and filtered option

Trading platforms include people from various areas and nations. Of course, you can just limit the user’s nation or other things. However, Loalbit is not concerned about that as we have Geo-location on our side. With the help of geolocation, users can search offers according to any nation. Geolocation is a great feature to have for many traders to filter out different offers with ease.


And that’s not the only thing we have for ourselves. The filter form has different options for searching or seeking offers. When you are trading in a marketplace, it’s important to understand the offers nicely.

Filter out each offer according to the amount, country, currency, payment method or just by crypto coins. So, this is a great thing to have on the site. Furthermore, the search filter helps both user and admins to filter out offers without roaming for offers. Also, the filter option lets users and admins try out different types of filtering combinations to get the best of the deals.


Versatile wallet management and detailed charts

Another great thing about LOcalbit is the wallet section and charts. Of course, adding a wallet is important for the admins to get their commission. Managing the wallets, and getting full information on the wallet is hard. Especially, trading company wallets should be versatile enough to manage everything. Thankfully, Localbit comes with a good wallet management.

You can add as much wallet address as you want too. But the stats will show in a pie chart. Admins can also get a good idea about the wallet ration. This means they can know how much digital coin and fiat currency they have in their wallet. Yes, the graphical view makes this much more enjoyable and fun.

We also have detailed charts about each account on Localbit. This is, of course, very important to get all the stats. Unlike other trading software scripts, Localbit kept the charts in the wallet section. So, no need to access the charts from the menu bar.


Admins can easily check the account list and the transfer record whenever they want. As you have a wallet integrated into this platform, no need for withdrawals and deposits here. This is surely a great wallet and simple way for cryptocurrency trading.

We also boast a self-hosted wallet. So, admins can provide free wallet support to its users. Also, wallet service is powered by BitGo services. Thanks to the BitGo service, users can enjoy free wallet service and some BitGo credits are there for free.


Contact Support

As a peer to peer trading script, Localbit had to keep the contacts features. While trading in the marketplace, there will always be some common clients. Maybe any ally or other that you need to keep in contact with. If not, you have a regular client that you want to trade – contacts will help you manage that. Manage trusted or blocked contacts with an easy contacts management menu.

Contact feature lets clients get faster access to each offer. Also, the one who is making an offer, he can restrict any contact or block them from the offer. So, the local market is getting much better.

Secured trading script

A big question might come when people ask, how secure is  this Cryptocurrency exchange platform? Localbit is fully compatible with PHP sites. But the whole software was based on an industry-standard laravel framework. So, the encryption of data helps to secure the whole software.

Laravel is much secure than the PHP framework. Not just that, the Laravel framework is scalable and maintainable. Thanks to the frameworks MVC (model view controller), every software is going to be secured.

Not to mention, database migration on the Laravel framework has always been a plus point for a lot of people. Especially, when you are running any blockchain projects such as cryptocurrency trading – data migration is always an important thing. Also, laravel frameworks use hashed passwords. Also as the framework uses already prepared SQL statements, you don’t have to worry about injection attacks.

So, there is no worry regarding the security standards of Localbit. Our developers are working on the development of the script and we are trying to come up with better updates later on.


Platform Customization support

Localbit offers simple but effective customization support for your trading company. Well, our script is not too flashy about the colors and graphics. Because we always keep everything simple and fast. A responsive site and a better user menu is our main focus. But still, Localbit offers some good customization and integration support.


Localbit is not a software platform for content management. Since we have peer to peer connectivity, content and news have to value. Yes, other Cryptocurrency exchange platform do offer this luxury. However, in those trading platforms, the admins have a huge advantage. But all you need to do is just set the footer on the customization. Your company logo, footer, and brand customization are all you need to start a company with Localbit.

Admins are there to solve disputes between trades and customize the sites. Another handy customization support is the widgets. Widgets make Localbit a simple but informative Cryptocurrency exchange platform in the first place. Admins can set the widgets on the users and admins dashboard. And many might think this is just for show – you won’t understand how convenient these widgets can get.

Multiple Language Support

Blockchain projects are getting popular around the world. More and more people are joining the community and having multiple languages on this Cryptocurrency exchange platform is a lifesaver. There are many people who understand the technical terms but face problems with language. OF course, English is a popular language and everybody understands that. However, when anyone is doing business in local regions, getting the local language will help to manage a lot. Localbit understands the situation and lets you enjoy multiple languages intriguingly.

Admins get to choose how many languages they want to add to their cryptocurrency exchange platform. Also, based on the downloaded languages, users can change the default language too. So, this feature is not just for admins only. Even admins have translation facilities for many technical terms.


Marketplace Deal Configuration

Configuration and admin handling are not too much in Localbit. However, that doesn’t mean admins are there for nothing. We want the companies to earn profit and our method is a successful way. But we have to give the admins some facility to gain profit. That’s why we gave them the environment to set up their company.

Set your SMS drive, mail driver, broadcast driver, and host address from here. This way, admins don’t have to use the drivers on a separate menu for wallet integration, notification creation, and other things.

Admins can set the offer rates and commission rates from the day start their business. Yes, the trading and price are always going to be in the hands of traders. But admins can control the amount with their power.

SMS and Notification support

Localbit is a platform where you are always set with everything. Just monitor the charts and solve any disputes. Maintain the transactions and check out for offers. The rest of the content management and customization is very easy. The same goes for SMS and notification. Admins can create a custom notification and SMS if they want. We have a broad list for making these custom texts.

Create custom notifications and SMS by selecting each section from the notification menu. Everything is sorted out and admins don’t have to create any other category for notifications. We have lessened your task and even the notification block is easy.

Also, you can enable it if you want to activate the notifications or SMS. But admins can stop the notification and SMS option if they want.


Better Marketplace Management

Marketplace management is very easy with this Cryptocurrency exchange platform. All you need to do is check the data and charts. Maybe admins might need to check for disputes. Set the payment method category. How will you make the transaction work out for the users? Set that with ease.


Adding a payment method is also not the hardest task here. Rather, it’s an easy task. You can view and check the list and activate or deactivate the payment method when you want.

Add your payment method and set every commission rate filling our simple form. Just like we said, everything is easy and simple with Localbit.

So, the marketplace management is very easy with Localbit. Trading scripts often comes with complex withdrawal, market management. But our simple and widget friendly market dashboard is easy to understand and manage.


User and Admin Management

Localbit comes with better user and admin management than you can think. Of course, users are dependable on the license you are purchasing. Our regular license lets you handle just one hundred users. However, the extended license lets you handle unlimited users.

Managing users is very easy. You can check all user’s on-grid or list view (that is up to you.) Also, admins can take action against any user. From the user list, admins can delete any user account, change their roles, or deactivate them for a while.

There’s even an option for filtering by roles if the admins want to. The admin list is pretty straightforward, and it’s more like a list.

Final Verdict

Localbit is a unique Cryptocurrency exchange platform. From the customization to the features – everything is simple. Yet, we boast a powerful trading software for any local trading business. Our name tells it all as users can trade locally. They don’t need to join there like a stock market anymore. Rather, just connect or contact the trader yourself. The company owner is there to get some commission and solve disputes.

Localbit is a perfect Cryptocurrency exchange platform for a lot of people out there. Especially, many small trading companies can make profits with minimal resources at their hands. No need for versatile structures, wallet, transaction API, and installation techs. Just get our license, and the rest is simple and profitable.